EFF Responds to Trademark Concerns from Canonical Ltd. Paralegal



A paralegal for Canonical sends a polite cease and desist letter to fixubuntu.com about the Ubuntu trademark. Website’s author, Micah Lee and EFF staff attorney respond stating trademark law allows for this type of use. Logo is removed, domain name stays the same, and a notice is put up. Canonical and Mark Shuttleworth apologizes…. Perhaps one of the more polite resolutions to a trademark dispute.

I believe that the policy of the Swedish Pirate Party and many others is to agree with trademark law, and why it’s often confusing to group copyright, trademark and patent laws together. Many of the more publicly known free software projects have strong trademarks, for example WordPress, Firefox and Ubuntu. Firefox uses an additional free software license to the General Public License because of trademark. WordPress also has a policy of enforcing trademark of WordPress, and claims to only permit WordPress spelled in whole in a domain name if it’s official.

It’s a loss really that there isn’t more concern for privacy in Ubuntu, since that is one of the main benefits of using a free software operating system. Though this might be best highlighted with another distribution, since there are many other privacy improvements than a few lines to fix the Unity interface.