Incentivizing Offshore Wind Power Act



This bill provides 30% of the investment in tax credit for wind power located in the inland navigable waters of the United States, including the Great Lakes, or in the coastal waters of the United States, including the territorial seas of the United States, the exclusive economic zone of United States, and the outer Continental Shelf of the United States.

We are often only given one option for electric power, leaving one company in control in an area, total dominance. While it’s possible to move to different areas to have options, this sort of power control can be insecure is there is a single-point-of-failure. Rural areas are more affected because of insecure power lines that are prone to failure because of weather. If electricity isn’t reliable, any concerns about the monopoloy of software are moot as an operating system does nothing without electricity. All bills that strengthen our diversity, reliability and security of power I see will be important towards the advancement of the state-of-the-art of software and leading to less monopoloy power structure in software as well.

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