overlap of software and governments; public versus private ownership

location: portland city hall / video directed by mary eng


hello my name is braydon fuller, aka braydon.com, and i am here today as a representative of postsoftware.org to talk about the intersection between software and government, the internet video of these communications, to which there are two possible futures for our society:

in one direction, leads a society that is respecting to personal computing privacy and civil liberties, and of equal economic opportunity. all kinds of our devices would cooperate, compete, and innovate, from apple to lenovo, laptops and desktops, televisions, mobile devices, tablets, supercomputers and more. this society would support video formats such as webm and ogg that have patent licenses granted to the public. so when this communication from city hall, as video, would be as public and civil as our laws.

in the other direction, leads a society of secret laws of software to which the owners of our devices fight to control, rule and divide us. when this communication, here at city hall, is recoded and goes out to the internet, it would lead to conflicts between people based upon their technology, leaving many without the means to be able to access critical information to function in society. there would be support for the video formats mp4 and the h.264 video codec and the secret flash plugin. with the multidecade interative process of developing software, much like revising our laws, this society would become dominated and monopolized by computation idea patents indefinitely

thank you for your time


  • portland city council official video will appear at portlandonline.com/video, in the latter direction
  • youtube video goes into both directions at the same time
  • portland city council official video will be manually converted to webm and ogg to appear at aweplanet.com/braydon