Letter to Anakata

Thank you very much for this! It is not this kind of news available at TV here…
Gottfrid/through Kristina

(He is fine but kept in solitary confinement until yesterday, Dec 7th. No electronic devices at all, just pencil & paper. He has got a paper copy of your mail but unfortunately he can’t answer himself. – He will soon be moved to a prison somewhere to serve his punishment.)

Från: Braydon <ronin@braydon.com>
Till: gottfrids@yahoo.se
Skickat: torsdag, 25 oktober 2012 5:09
Ämne: Letter to Anakata


Hang in there, you have support from here in Los Angeles, and your
extradition in combination with this last years increased dramatization
around copyright laws has been of motivation to go on a boycott on the
copyright industry. Looking forward to the “Away From Keyboard” film,
and have been working to promote these types of free works at
freethehackers.com, and have made a website to bring attention to these
at stophollywood.org, and I’ve added a free anakata banner.

On January 18th, 2012, during the strike against draconian U.S.
copyright legislation, I walked up and down Hollywood Blvd, with the
“stars”, with a sign that said STOP SOPA & PIPA, and there is a lot of
support on the street for free distribution, lots of high-fives, honks
and thumbs up.

On September 17th, 2012, my local United States Senator in California,
Dianne Feinstein wrote back letting me know about various antitrust, and
anti-competitive departments at the U.S. Federal government, and is a
show of at least some support for the cause.

I don’t know what kind of access you have to the news, but here are some

–  On October 16th, Richard Stallman agrees, from his political notes,
on the Swedish Pirate Party stance on patents, trademarks and copyright.
–  The Pirate Party wins the first Senator’s Seat in the Czech Republic,
with Libor Michálek winning in the Prague 2 and 3 district on October 20th.
–  A lawyer, Jay Liederman, is arguing that the DDoS should be made
legal as a form of protest, and is defending those who have been accused
of this as a crime.
–  The Blender Foundation has released another film, Tears of Steel, and
is a great combination of live action with animation, some of their best
technical work yet, and another free culture film to the collection.
–  Megaupload is making a comeback, with Megabox, after their servers
were stolen and the team was arrested from the copyrightmafia invasion.
–  Manga artist Shuho Sato has allowed anyone to use and adapt his work
for commercial or noncommercial purposes without having to pay royalties.
– And likely lots more that I’ve missed.

Braydon Fuller